Flash on the plate

Chris MacGregor’s inspired response to Don Norman’s intellegent explaination of the flash turn around issue should be required […]


I agree with all Jen’s pet peeves, but especially Thumbnail Let-down.

LLBean? LLBean?

???? I just read Design lacking in e-tail sites in which LL Bean is said to be a […]

that book

I was intensely disappointed by Homepage Usability, and haven’t gotten around to articulating why. sp!ked’s article “Excuse-ability” does […]

reblog, for context

I know I’ve noted tis before, but since we’re talking large font versions.. The Sacramento Bee — toolbar […]

hire me!

How can I not like an article whose number one bit of advice is “hire a Usability Specialist” […]

Hide those table legs!

From IT ARCHITECT ADVISOR: Create Usable Web Sites – – – – “Hambrose says today’s Web site […]