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From: Gleanings To: people Watchers Subject: Gleanings: My sky is falling OPENING THANG I’m on jath– today and […]

From: Gleanings
To: people Watchers
Subject: Gleanings: My sky is falling


I’m on jath– today and part two tomorrow. he doesn’t archive, so if you want to see me look silly, go now.

I’m having host problems. Parts of my site are falling off. I’m panicking and trying to torture the dreamhost support team (who are usually angels) by sending them mail every ten minutes. Please don’t write me to tell me the sky is falling; believe me I know.

So: less links, but I promise they are all tasty.


Noel sends this
“With marketing dollars dwindling, who needs branding? ‘Who doesn’t?’ ask the ‘Got milk?’ guys. And they’ve got a story to tell. ”

which led to
“I’m With the Brand
Hey man, if you wanna succeed in the new economy, follow the Grateful Dead.”,1151,22850,00.html

“Marketing Muse: The New Brand You
When it comes to personal branding, Nike is trying to put its best foot forward with its new Nike iD program. But allowing individuals to influence a brand is a slippery proposition. ”,1151,22859,00.html


This article is being discussed on the CHI-WEB list
On one hand, he doesn’t seem to get that rules for one media do not necessarily apply to the next. on the other hand, are we forgetting the lost art of seduction?


interesting article on data’s odd transitory and permanent nature.
The Net Effect: Remembrance of Things Past
By Simson Garfinkel

News.Com: Audrey’s life cut short.
3Com on Wednesday said it will discontinue Audrey, its Web-surfing appliance


“Exercises in Style was inspired by a work of the same name by the French writer Raymond Queneau. In that book, Queneau spun as many variations as he could–over 100–out of a mundane, two-part text about two chance encounters with a mildly irritating character during the course of a day. He started by telling it in every conceivable tense, then by doing it in free verse and as a sonnet, as a telegram, in pig Latin, as a series of exclamations, in an indifferent voice… you name it.
The goal of this project is to apply the same principle to comics by creating as many variations as possible on a simple one-page non-story: different points of view, different genres, different formal games, and so on.”