Perfect! Exactly what I needed. Christina has so much experience that her answers were quick, efficient and thoughtful. Very, very good use of my time and money. Thank you!

Source:Clarity Jamie DaltonNov 10, 2016

Our company needed some acute and sharp guidance regarding finding a great OKR coach, and Christina was very forthcoming with fact- and experienced-based suggestions. Even in the short compass of a brief call, she provided great value. Thank you, Christina!

Source:Clarity John NormanNov 3, 2016

Christina is a rock star. Our OKR setting and management process has just been put on steroids 🙂

Source:Clarity Eric PartakerAug 17, 2016

Christina is a straight shooter and very insightful.

Source:Clarity Graham BarryJul 20, 2016

Speaking with Christina was fantastic.
She gave me clarity on many issues concerning OKRs and new perspectives on how to implement them in the best way. Great input and feedback. Beyond that she is an great listener.

Highly recommend and look forward to utilizing Christina again in the future!

Source:Clarity Domenico SolazzoApr 8, 2016

It was a pleasure to take some time to reflect and to clarify our most deep questions on how to manage our business with OKRs. Christina was very clear, smart, and straight to the point on where what we wanted and needed to learn. I definitely recommend her advisory! We will take our time on applying what we learned and will surely get back to her to keep improving.

Source:Clarity Ricardo PintoJan 12, 2016

She’s very clear, listens thoroughly and offers sharp advice based on her experience

Source:Clarity Mariano Suarez-Battan May 13, 2015

Christina was incredibly helpful on our phone call. She was focused on the questions I asked, and shed new light on topics that I had not considered. A real professional with a ton of experience. Thanks Christina!

Source:Clarity Christopher AnderssonJan 12, 2015

Great perspective. Clear and accessible. Very helpful!

Source:Clarity Earle GregoryOct 13, 2014

Very helpful and engaging conversation!

Source:Clarity Alex Raymond