Christina Wodtke is an itinerant instigator and maker of things to happen. She is currently on sabbatical; advising start-ups and gardening. Most recently she led new product development and reinvention as a General Manager of Zynga.com at Zynga, General Manager of Social at Myspace, Principal Product Manager at Linkedin, and Senior Director of Design at Yahoo! back when Yahoo! was pretty neat.

As well, she likes founding things: She founded a startup where she developed the collaborative blogging tool PublicSquare; founded Boxes and Arrows, an online magazine of design; and co-founded the Information Architecture Institute. She may found again.

Along the way she wrote the bestselling Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web, and has spoken on the topic of the human experience in information spaces at conferences worldwide. She writes still at Eleganthack.

Some recent talks

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    Carolina Melo

    Hi there,
    I just finished reading your “A Unified Theory for Designing Just About Anything” article on Medium, and I just wanted to say it was a really inspirational read. I just graduated from Parsons Design and Technology MFA, and to be honest, I’ve been feeling a little bit lost recently (I’ve been job hunting for the past several months to no avail), but your CAMP acronym and your general way of framing design have sparked my hope and curiosity once again, so I just wanted to express my gratitude.

    Hope you are staying safe and healthy in these trying times.

    Carolina Melo

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