jef time

Macworld: Pro File: Mac Daddy Q: So how did you get people to accept your ideas? A: The […]

the long march

After reading User Interface Engineering — “The Customer Sieve” Article I thought again about the idea of mapping […]

the return of ergonomics

At the airport I discovered a “webcenter” (it was next to one of the few working outlets at […]

utopia now

Brenda Laurel speaks at stanford today– swing by, or watch online.

lies lies lies

Telling the Truth is an article about the lies sites tell their users. It doesn’t really matter if […]

bay area event

This isn’t on the site yet (not that I can find) and it looks quite valuable so I’ll broadcast here. I saw Jared at Macromedia world and was very impressed with his new findings. He’s always an entertaining speaker, and it was pretty cool to get some insight on UIE’s discoveries.

“BayCHI-East talk
Title: Designing for Revenue: Using Research to Fulfill Business Goals
Speaker: Jared Spool

Date & Time: Tuesday February 5th, 7.00 p.m.
Location: Sibley Auditorium, 230 Bechtel Engineering Center
University of California, Berkeley

Talk Abstract:
Web site designers tell us that they have thousands of ideas on how to
improve their web site. But how do these designers determine which
improvements will actually help the business achieve it’s goals? New
research from User Interface Engineering shows that careful measurement and
observation can demonstrate exactly how this happens. In this presentation,
Jared will show you how an e-commerce site can change its design to
generate more impulse purchases. He’ll demonstrate how designers can change
the way categories are displayed to dramatically increase the site’s
revenues. Jared will also discuss how other types of sites can use these
same principles to better achieve their goals.”

think how?

Can Jobs “Think Outside the Pretty Box”? In which Raskin talks about how the new mac really is […]

innies unite!

lately i’ve noticed a trend– many of my “innie” friends are adding usability testing to their job descriptions, […]