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From: GleaningsTo: thinkersSubject: Gleanings: a buzzing bee…. OPENING THANG been busy. very busy. recent projects:keeping http://www.carboniq.com/log entertaining (along […]

From: Gleanings
To: thinkers
Subject: Gleanings: a buzzing bee….


been busy. very busy.

recent projects:
keeping http://www.carboniq.com/log entertaining (along with clever noel)
getting http://www.carboniq.com/events/cocktailhour/april live
making http://www.tracystroder.com for a friend’s upcoming art show
Oh, and that billable work thing….

but I haven’t forgotten you, dear gleanees. here is a nibble to keep you
going until I can emerge again…


Don Norman points to this as a potential innovation in navigation. Worth playing with, for sure.


Researching web sites – paul nattress
Describes a technique on researching your competitors web sites to help you design your own.


Scents and sensibility (via giantant.com/antenna/)
IF WEBSITES are built without bricks or mortar, why does navigating around them so often feel like bashing your head against a wall?

and the original xerox parc scent study


big hairy pile of cog-psi papers, (via peterme.com). yum-o.


Have you had your superbad today?




Internet World: Is Usability Really Worth Anything? (via tomalak.org)
Jakob Nielsen. Is usability really that bad for business? Basically, all
usability does is generate more sales, more traffic, and more loyal users. If
you lose money on every order you ship or every page view you serve, then
increasing the volume will indeed result in a flood of red ink.


IBM developerWorks: The usability world according to Tog.

“Effective interfaces are visually apparent and forgiving, instilling in their users a sense of control. Users quickly see the breadth of their options, grasp how to achieve their goals, and do their work.”

“Effective interfaces do not concern the user with the inner workings of the system. Work is carefully and continuously saved, with full option for the user to undo any activity at any time.”

“Effective applications and services perform a maximum of work, while requiring a minimum of information from users.”
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New AskTog!

Is the Internet Really Collapsing?
“Fear is in the air. A lot of us have lost a lot of money in the past year. It seems like the downward spiral will never end, but it will, and then things are going to get a whole lot better. “
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The Web Grows Up
A dip in Net surfing last December raises the question of whether the Web, like other media, is showing signs of seasonality.
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Napster Tones Down the Downloads
The number of songs traded on the service dips by more than a third during its first month of blocking copyrighted music, a report says.
I think it’s true– despite attempts at misspelling, I couldn’t find a single live soul coughing song (I’ve bought all the albums, and I need more!!!)


H4x0r Economist
(via captaincursor.com)
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Okay you have to be a web geek *and* a car geek *and* read a little french:
click several times on the car.
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