I’ll be giving a talk at UIE 8 in Boston this October. And I’ve been given a chance […]

sitemap goldmine

I’m getting deja-blog, but I’m going for it anyhow: An Atlas of Cyberspaces – Web Site Maps

more netflix griping

anthony morales is completely right. Netflix put lipstick on a pig. I still love it though. Oh, Netflix, […]

the world is bigger than US

AIfIA Translation Initiative If I am proud of anything AIfIA has done this year, I think this is […]


Speaking of teaching (see commenting son “fireside”) I’ve agreed to do a one day tutorial at User Interface […]

Help a reader

I just saw this mail, and having spent way too much time thinking about reccipes and since my […]

Form Follows Food

I’m finishing a lazy weekend with a very lazy sunday morning. I’m on the couch, with a cup […]


AIFIA | Information Architecture Leadership Seminar “Slides! Information Architecture Leadership Seminar Afterword: This seminar was a real success, […]

getting excited

I feel like a little kid in december. Is it christmas yet? Is it ASIS-T IA Summit 2003 […]