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    James Buckley

    Just a small suggestion, would be cool if you put (PDF) or a small pdf icon at the start or end of that link. I have a tendancy to save pdf files for later browsing since I often find the wait for my copy of acrobat to load slighlty annoying, and being the impulsive youth that I am, I forget to glance at the lower left section of the browser. Anyone else have this bad habit?

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    Eric Scheid

    What would be cool is if the CMS would do that automatically, similar to how slashdot automatically inserts the link [domain.name] after every link.

    This has given me an idea to tweak the IAwiki code a bit.

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    if you run your mouse over the link, you’ll see it appear in the staus bar, below. I try to remember to put a trailing (pdf) after such files, but I’m human, I forget. You’re best off with the status bar….

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    i do remember the last time i saw such an explanation, and the effort was marginally more impressive, but that’s not important.

    i rolled over the ‘christina’ link at the end of your post, and in my status bar, i get

    no biggie since we’re all already here and all. but still. just trying to help.

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    Anyone read that thing, btw? It made me nostalgic for the old days, when humanities people who loved deconstruction were hired by hip agencies like Sapient which valued interdisciplinary approaches.

    I’m not so sure that this presentation really offered much other than a basic semiology overview, but no suggestions on how to apply it to real projects.

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    It seems like a typical English major connect-the-litcrit-dots paper formatted as a Powerpoint presentation. The connection to actual IA is very thin.

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    James Buckley

    “You’re best off with the status bar”

    I know I know :), just breaks the flow of my reading and movement. Many community sites like metafilter try to stress warnings (those on metatalk) since so many people don’t bother to look at status bars.

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    As I said, I will always try to remember.

    I think Elan has a point– why should clicking a pdf cost you so much? it’s the same problem with ppt and other webreadable non-html docs… do we really need the full functionality of word in the browser? When I read a pdf it is opened with full acrobat 5, rather that with just a reader.

    As for the doc, I agree with Andrew and Anne. I wish that the author had made his point with more vigor (I’m assuming he had figured out what that point was). Or perhaps he made it in the presentation, but it wasn’t in the doc. When we put presentations on the web, we have to live with them going into the world without us, which is not how they were intended. Presentations that can live with out us are often poor companions to our speeches, encouraging reading rather than listening and thinking.

    What to do, what to do.

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    I don’t remember ever looking for such a thing, and the link seems to be broken, but I did a search and found some kind of interesting stuff that has some of the deconstruction – information cross-linkages.

    Systems seems pretty intensive, not to mention funny, if you read math fluently, anyway. I don’t think it’s quite as philosophically mature as it thinks it is, though.

    And this is a nice, simple, sure it’s *too* simple and in some places unconvincing, but especially nice for those who aren’t quite sure what deconstructionism *is*:
    Using Deconstruction to Astonish Friends & Confound Enemies (In Two Easy Steps!)


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