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    I’m speechless. Okay, no one ever would accuse me of being speechless… Really I’m a bit p*ssed — I’d planned on getting a bunch of work done tonight, but instead I spent hours reading nearly every article on Boxes and Arrows…and writing up my thoughts.

    Check here for more flattery:
    Croc O’ Lyle: Boxes and Arrows Hit the Bull’s Eye

    Christina, you and your work are becoming regular topics on my blog. I posted about your redesign recently, and just last night I added Gleanings to my blogrolling list…now tonight I’m entrapped by Boxes and Arrows…Would you take a vacation already? 🙂

    Not sure if you’re attending CHI this year, but if so, the first pint’s on me. Excellent start to an excellent publication!

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    Very nice! I also put off “real” work to read articles at B ‘n’ A.

    (Isn’t that teeny little icon above kind of a Fitt’s Law violation? Kidding!)

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    Tom Brzezina

    Hot damn, Christina! I haven’t come across a publication I’ve wanted to read cover-to-cover since the early issues of Wired. Thanks for undertaking this mission of mercy, and concrats to you and your crew for a job well done.

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