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Well back in january, I was given a wedding shower present of Flooz. What is Flooz you ask? […]

Well back in january, I was given a wedding shower present of Flooz. What is Flooz you ask? Well, it’s essentially an online gift certificate or fake currency that can be spent at any of their partners. Why is is called flooz? Don’t ask…

I’ve got my account number, which I wrote on a post-it and stuck on my monitor with a big “Spend This” written above it. I’ve tried twice before to spend it,and once I thought I’d succeeded, only to find my CD’s hadn’t arrived and I still had this Flooz in my account. Sigh. But I’m ready to try again.

On the homepage I try to figure out where to go… I finally find under the heading “stores” on one of the global nav’s it says “spend flooz.” On the next page I’m supposed to click “got flooz” rather than the “send flooz” but spend and send and my poor brain that though I was about to shop… Well, there is always the back button.

This takes me to a classic yahoo-style hierarchy displaying the stores I can visit. I select barnes and noble. So I get a page telling me about the store, rhter than going to the store. Okay, I scan over the page. I get to the button that says, visit the store. I get a warning splash page that tells me i’m leaving Flooz, and asks me to click again. Gee do I really really really want to leave flooz?
Finally I’m at B&N, with a flooz frame along the bottom (in case I want to go back to that heavenly site!). Okay, to give them some credit, it also has my account info there.

So, 8 clicks to get to barnes and noble.

Who then promptly almost lost the “sale”!

click to see large image

I wanted to pay with the flooz, but on the payment option page, they had a radio button for type of credit card, and no way to select the flooz option that is to the right of the credit card list. So I kept getting this great error

  • Please provide a valid credit card number.
  • Error in applying payment.

I couldn’t pay for my stuff, even though I had 40 bucks of flooz, and only a 38 dollar order! (the screenshot was made after, when I realized I had to write about this…

can you guess how I made it work kids?

yep, I clicked pay by phone. yum, intuitive. Sigh.