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So faithful readers know I spent my flooz foolishly at B&N. Two days later, I decided I wanted […]

So faithful readers know I spent my flooz foolishly at B&N. Two days later, I decided I wanted another book and I ordered it from Amazon, my old standby. Guess what. I got my book from Amazon. No sign of my book from B&N. So I called them. I went through the maze of voicemail, only to arrive at my natural final destination: a dial tone

“if you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again”

So I call again and pretend that I have a rotary, as I so often do to avoid voice mail. I get a voice, “barnesandnoblemayihelpyou”.
“Oh, hi, I just got hung up on by the voice mail, and thought I’d try a person instead of a machine”
“tracking number please”
“guess I should of stuck with the machine”

yes I actually said that. no, she did not respond.

So I stare at the confirmation mail, trying to find the tracking number. Wait… there it is… in the subject line! Yes, the order number is NOWHERE in the actual body of the mail. I give her the number.
“That shipment has not left the warehouse”
“Okay, do you know when it will?”
“No, that shipment has not left the warehouse. “

goddmamn, I did get a machine!

“So, since it hasn’t left the warehouse, can I change the shipping address? I’ve started a new job and I’d like it to come to my work”
“what is the address mam?”
I give it, she repeats I , i say okay, she hangs up on me. cool.

Today I received this mail
“We’re sorry. We find that we’re unable to ship the following in the time
frame we expected. Below are revised details on your order. We will email you as soon as the title ships and apologize for any inconvenience this causes. In the meantime, you can contact us at Or, if you prefer, you may call our Customer Service Center at …” they’ll be shipping it tomorrow. maybe. I don’t believe anything they say anymore. I guess I already proved I wouldn’t shop there again by shopping at Amazon the day after my B&N purchase, but I think now I’ll also concentrate on talking others into avoiding my experience.

bye bye, B&N, hope you learn customer service before you go under. now I’m off to to put their URL in my pick list.