he said dope heh heh heh

from since1968 :: Steve Krug Interview, upon being asked about so many quality websites coming from amateur enthusiasts […]


Jakob’s most recent In the Future, We’ll All Be Harry Potter (Alertbox Dec. 2002) is a pleasent little […]

watching the watchmen

NNGroup and Me : A Tale of Two Tickets illustrates that sometimes user-centered isn’t as important as customer-centered.


Universal Usability in Practice is a nice cheatsheet for figuring out how to design for different user types.

project continues

Zen Haiku: Password Previewing Tools version 2.2 is out. He continues to refine his tool for password choices. […]

amazon blows it

turns out’s wishlist address is not connnected to your address book, so when i updated my addressbook […]

stars and garters

One of my pet peeves is the little stars in password fields. As you all know, I am […]

yes and no

The flame bait of the moment, usability must die has a page on why AlertBox is nothing but […]

Watching the watchmen

CHI-WEB archives — September 2002, week 3 (#15) holds a wonderful post in which Manu Sharma takes apart […]

don wrote that

from CHI-WEB archives — August 2002, week 3 (#8) “People talk the way they talk. You can’t hold […]