smart book, dumb design

Check it out: the fly-out menu uses transparency, which means you have this mishmash of type on type. […]

Not Science, but…?

from HCI as Science | unraveled “As the class identified, HCI has plenty of current phenomena, but due […]

error! or insult…

Love love love this error… I feel my heart filling with pity for this poor, innocent malformed request.

ROI and Design

A particularly good review in Boxes and Arrows this week, Report Review: Nielsen/Norman Group’s Usability Return on Investment […]


from’s html newsletter:

a reader writes…

A reader has a research opportunity for DMOZ/Open Directory Project users. If you regularly use DMOZ (this includes […]

Are guidelines useless?

Upon reading Employee Directory Search: Resolving Conflicting Usability Guidelines (Alertbox Feb. 2003) “In recent studies on how employees […]

easy or useless

Ziya points out – Alsop on Infotech – Hollywood’s Latest Flop “It’s clear that the studios’ motivation […]