1/3 reviews

I’m still in a state of never reading just one book. In fact, I’m pretty sure except for […]


A while back I was reading Working Knowledge in which Davenport wrote “Intuition is compressed knowledge.” That phrase […]

Designing Motivation

Excerpt from Comic Wars, a book on Marvel Comic’s near bankruptcy and uncanny recovery: “[Jim] Shooter had a […]


Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate–The Essential Guide for Progressives It’s too […]

The Art of Branding

The Art of Branding is a simple slim book full of pictures and graphs that explains Brand creation […]

Origin of Things

Can a book be deeply flawed and still be worth having? The Origin of Things delights and disappoints […]

Make It Bigger

The book I’m foisting on my team these days is Paula Scher’s Make It Bigger. Make It Bigger […]

Persuasive Technology

Persuasive Technology is in turns fascinating and sinister. This book is a must for any designer working in […]