blurbs and help

Blurb Gallery (via “Surveying the variety of ways we display introductions to longer articles… I keep finding […]


eNarrative 3 Hypertext Narrative Flash Time: San Francisco, CA, USA June 16-17, 2001 “The role of narrative in […]

the rules

Been thinking a lot about rules put forth by gurus. A woman recently put forth a post on […]

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones : A Collection of Zen and Pre-Zen Writings (Shambhala Pocket Classics) Okay, ignoring the […]

Understanding Comics

Understanding Comics I know few IA’s who haven’t read and dug this book… unsurprising once you realize this […]

Software for Use

Software for Use: A Practical Guide to the Models and Methods of UsageCentered Design (ACM Press) This is […]

Design Patterns

Design Patterns Ed Q. Briges writes: "although it’s probably more technical than most info-architects may be interested in, […]

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity: Making Business Strategy Visible Through Design I asked the best brand strategist I’ve ever met which […]

Building Strong Brands

Building Strong Brands Brand, Like IA is a hard to define field and absolutely essential to a web-businesses […]

The Tibor Way

Tibor changed the way I think about design. Tibor Kalman: Perverse Optimist is beautiful, playful and revolutionary. From […]

Designing Business

Designing Business Clement Mok’s seminal piece that brought forward the importance of design and information architecture to a […]

Typography Twosome

Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works a great and visually lush explanation of the importance […]

Designing Web Usability

Designing Web Usability Should probably be required reading for anyone who does web design. Yes Jakob is didactic, […]

How Buildings Learn

How Buildings Learn :What Happens After They’re Built is is truly amazing. Each page connects form with use, […]

Interface Culture

Interface Culture : How New Technology Transforms the Way We Create and Communicate I should have something insightful […]

Information Architects

Information Architects Pretty much before there was a web, before Jakob was going to war with design, before […]

The Humane Interface

The Humane Interface By learning from cognitive science, we can gain a better understanding of how humans think, […]

Contextual Design

Contextual Design : A Customer-Centered Approach to Systems Designs All the cool kids are reading it.

Abstracting Craft

Nicholas Paredes writes " I had recently read Abstracting Craft and think it goes really well with “the […]

Mapping Websites

Mapping Websites: Digital Media Design is porn for IA’s. What we have here is a book of incredibly […]