blurbs and help

Blurb Gallery (via

“Surveying the variety of ways we display introductions to longer articles…

I keep finding myself working on sites that have news or portal-like layouts, and each time I start from scratch thinking about how to display the headlines and summaries. No more, I started this gallery to capture the many ways it’s done, and perhaps I’ll eventually map these to the audience and business goals.”

Designing Help Text (also via

“Some users will have difficulty no matter how effectively and thoughtfully an interface is built. Others will need assistance whilst learning how to use a complex and extensive application that contains a number of features.

Given that help text might be required, how is it best implemented? As mentioned above, it is preferable to include as much assistance as possible permanently on-screen. ” I so agree to this. An ounce of “tip” is worth a pound of “support documentation”

The Open Directory Project has a robust IA section