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    Elizabeth Selandia, OMD, CA

    I read Lakoff’s Women, Fire and Dangerous Things as the assigned text for a class I took at UC Berkeley called Language and the Mind. My life has never been the same since and I find myself repeatedly returning to this text in the oddest circumstances, always to find help. For instance, the section describing the various psychological research results and the fact that Aristotle was WRONG when it came to his classical definition of category members being equal continues to crop up as the most cited reference.

    Frankly, I believe the first 100 pages should be required reading by every human being and hope it is in translation to support this effort at dusting off the cobwebs of antiquted thought that was erroneous or uninformed.

    That said, be prepared for a text does not resolve itself in its argument until well at the end of the work AND much more than anticipated (yet extremely valuable) information gathered from many, many fields, including Papua New Guina, to prove or make points along the way of the long argument. I add this so you will not hate me for getting you to read the work; I note that I am still digesting some portions of it somewhere in the back of my mind.

    But now that you have been encouraged and forewarned, too, please do not hesitate to order this work. And, no, I have yet to have been offered a commission but I did graduate with highest honors from UC Berkeley in Native American Studies and Linguistics. Quite a feat!


    Elizabeth Selandia, OMD, CA, MA in Museum Studies (SFSU, 2000), post grad in art history (UC Davis, CSU Chico), MLIS (SJSU, 2004 current anticipated date of completion)

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