Sunday Report

I got a request to bring Sunday report back into play. It makes sense, since Gleanings, back when […]

Tiny Process for Writing

First Draft: say everything quickly. race to the end! Second Draft: replace pronouns with nouns, explain vagaries. Third […]

Anyone want to help me write a book?

First draft of a chapter for the second edition… love to get some help as I warm up.

Background: we’re trying to tighten up the book so it reads more quickly and can be accessible to more people. In doing so, we tried to collapse two chapters into one. I’m wondering if the section “those people” should just be axed. Yes, it’s useful information but is it really relevant to information architecture in particular and is it really necessary in this era in which there are so many good books on user research?

Please forgive dreadful formating madness… I exported pretty directly from Word, and we all know how well that works. But I’d rather spend time writing than formatting.

poetic spam

poeticspam, originally uploaded by Box and Arrow. prolonged effusion of small talk. How I wished sleep would silence […]

The Blog Unnomenon

Okay, it has been a bit of time since weblogs inc was snatched up by AOL, turning Jason […]

opposites are stupid

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: The amorality of Web 2.0 “I’m all for blogs and blogging. (I’m writing […]

blurbs and help

Blurb Gallery (via “Surveying the variety of ways we display introductions to longer articles… I keep finding […]