IA in a pigmask

Admittedly a difficult name to decipher, it is pronounced Wood-Key. Nonce, I’m impressed he came up with three […]

Out of the Ballpark

I was just uploading some old slideshows to slideshare, and found this guy. IN 2004, I was invited […]

To GK, with love and squalor

prelude GK Patterson offered to let me participate in “structured” conversation with Bob Goodman and Joshua Porter, both […]

a useful guide

Squidoo : Introduction to Information Architecture good for those newbies looking for a place to start.

If you speak Danish

It’s all good. Informations-arkitektur – fra navigation til søgning personally I have no idea what’s going on….

The Future Beckons

I may be biased, as I am speaking, but I think this is quite an interesting line up, […]

slides back

Thanks for your patience. The slides are back up. This is the latest version, with a bunch of […]

taxonomies for the angst ridden

A particularly good JOHO this month, especially for the category inclined. “Aristotle’s answer is that those aren’t separate […]