Y! search has a nifty thang

I’m kinda Ms. Super-biased on account of I used to work on Yahoo Search, and I still manage […]


I’m kinda Ms. Super-biased on account of I used to work on Yahoo Search, and I still manage the team that does and I’m a blogger who is into rss and I’ve never found a rss read I really loved and I think”my yahoo” is a fine substitute, but anyhow, biased as I am, i think this is darn nifty.

You get to judge for yourself.

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    Add weblog syndication feeds to My Yahoo from a yahoo search

    Christina Wodtke thinks that Y! search has a nifty thang and i agree, check out how you can add a weblog’s syndication feed from a yahoo search result to your My Yahoo page: For example, from a search on me, you can add my blog 😉 It hasn’t found the f…

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    I wonder how many lay persons would ever use the “view as XML” feature.
    XML: a great future behind its shoulders, lol.

    Of course, don’t take me wrong: I’m just highlighting that we expected from the xml “revolution” more than it actually yielded for the “average” users. I am not entirely alone in this opinion (see for instance Jeremy Allen and Charles Hornberg in their “Mastering php 4.1”).

    It always made me wonder, why the W3C makes these strage things like “deprecating”. Is that truly necessary?

    I think at times these things are out of touch with the average reality. They now deprecated the “name” atribute. Uh, holy heavens but WHY?

    Had they ever thought of server side languages?

    And, if I want to get an ARRAY of items, why should I give up the name property feature that instantaneously provides me with the array I sought, if I only give the objects the same name? Now when I would face again this necessity of having an array I’d have to build it up myself, collecting in a makeshift array the image names by giving to them ids and recursively using getElementById. Wow, an “improvement” lol.

    It sounds all a bit convoluted to me. But I may just be intellectually limited in this, I am aware of this. It’s possible.

    Every programmer has pet languages, as well as bad habits. Every programmer once appreciated the beauty, and painstakingly learned a new language, sticks to it. If this happens for programmers, it happens also for scripters (a personal differentiation I cherish lol).

    Yet, it seems that at times institutions like the w3c simply lose sight of the default users. We don’t have only geeks, we also rely on a huge community, the vast majority actually, of normal webmasters for which it is not so obvious why they should give up html in order to learn xml in order to do what they NEED, which is the SAME thing rephrased.
    Don’t be mistaken, I’m not miopic: I see why Xml is useful. The internet IS a HUGE database.

    So, xml is useful, but I don’t think many persons would click the see as xml feature unless out of curiosity. That is.

    Anyway, good thing, though not for everybody that is. Strange for a serqach engine, whose main audience is not made of geeks.

    Anyway keep the good work! It’s all meaty food for the mind!

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    v. cool. still definitely in beta, but will give me a reason to start using my yahoo again.

    btw, i can’t replicate the search results you show here. any trick to that?

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    day 2, and I’m wishing for ‘server-side history’ so i know what posts i’ve read (by changing link color) even though i’m bouncing among computers (the advantage of using my y! as my rss reader).

    i’d also wish for y! to have a way to give feedback, but that’s for another day 🙂

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