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turns out’s wishlist address is not connnected to your address book, so when i updated my addressbook […]

turns out’s wishlist address is not connnected to your address book, so when i updated my addressbook removing old addresses, i had no idea presents were still going to an old address. I’m not feeling very loving toward amazon right now.


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    I am finding many things in Amazon are unconnected at the moment. It is recommending books for me to purchase that I bought from them, have rated, and reviewed on the Amazon site. It is a major fault that Amazon does not check their own data stores. I have spent hours training the data stores in Amazon what I like. Now there tell me I may like product A, no kidding you morons I bought it and rated it highly and bought it for two more friends.

    It is not only Amazon with this problem, I am finding nearly every large organization is running into this lately. Many of these sites were great and had usable interfaces and were polite in that they remembered your information and guided you when you strayed off the path back to help you complete what you needed. There have been many redesigns that just suck now. It is almost like they got into the redesign and only had money it buy new technology, but not integrate it. They definately did not spend money on usability or interaction design.


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    I’ve had this problem in the past when I was using my company’s email and then changed jobs. I ended up having 2 different accounts that I used for a while. This is underscores for me the utter importance of architecture and technology infrastructure.

    A unique ID based on email is great if it can go with you when you change your address. But, why not simply use a handle-type id that allows you to transfer you account data when your email moves? Strange that they can’t let you combine accounts. Seems like a simple thing to do, no? Yahoo did it at one point when they allowed people to merge their egroups accounts with their yahoo groups accounts.

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    Actually Michael, same thing happened to me(about 3 years ago) and somehow I called some number I found on their site, and a customer support person “merged” my accounts.

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    amazon is telling me i can’t use a credit from a year ago. it is expired and they keep the money.

    pass the word.

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