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Following a serious crash by my server which brough Eh and B&A down, I reinjured my back– an […]

Following a serious crash by my server which brough Eh and B&A down, I reinjured my back– an old injury from when I fell down some stairs that I occasionally redamage. I’m on muscle relaxants now, and laying on the floor watching movies and the ceiling in turn. So sorry, no bloggage for a bit….

Feel free to use this space to suggest intellectually unchallenging movies that are entertaining and good for people with low mobility and impaired attention spans.. 😉


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    Jared Spool

    Back injuries! Yuck! I’m very sorry to hear that.

    If I were in a place where I needed to watch movies for a while, here’s my list.

    Amelie (including the special features on the disk)
    The Matrix
    North by Northwest
    Rear Window
    Zoolander (if you’ve never seen it — it will surprise you.)
    The Adams Family (first one only)
    Roger & Me
    Almost Famous (DVD directors cut)
    The Whole Nine Yards
    This is Spinal Tap
    Donnie Darko
    Time Bandits
    Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    The Royal Tennenbaums
    The Prisoner (60’s TV series)
    The Sting
    Foul Play (Beware of the Dwarf and the Albino)

    That list should keep you busy.

  2. 2
    Laurent Goffin

    No luck for ur injuries, realy sorry for you but a big congratulation for your book…

    About the previous list :
    – Amelie : a piece of art
    – Zoolander : Good luck… 3 laughing moment and u sleep all the time
    – Bowling for Columbine

  3. 4
    Eric Scheid

    For lie-on-your-back-drifting-in-and-out-of-the-haze-of-pain-and/or-medication movie watching, I recommend Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi.

    Both great eye candy, and like Mememto it makes no difference if you watch ’em forwards or backwards.

  4. 6

    I would recommend Storefront Hitchcock, but you might laugh too much at Robyn’s monologues. Still, for the music it might be worth it.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  5. 10

    Sorry to hear about the back. Get well soon! I have to second the Zoolander recommendation. Loved that movie. But then again I laugh just looking a Will Farrel.
    You might also try PootieTang. It makes no sense, is really silly and just might a great one to watch one pain killers.
    Take care.

  6. 11
    George Olsen

    Get well soon!

    To add to the list:
    -Repo Man — Oddles of great lines to quote, plus the best of early ’80s punk. And remember to have a plate of shimp while you’re watching.

  7. 12

    Oh God, yes, Repo Man. Be sure to look out for all the references to that best-selling self-help book that everyone’s reading, Diuretics: The Science of Matter Over Mind. You could watch it four or five times just to pick up the stuff you missed the first three or four times.

    Another movie that stands up to repeated viewings for the same reason is The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension.

  8. 13
    George Olsen

    Repo Man’s especially fun if you were around for the LA punk scene. Lots of cameos — including long-time local DJ Rodney Binghamhimer (the owner at the club scene).

    “Since time is short, and you may lie, I’m going to have to torture you now. But I want you to know it isn’t personal…” – Agent Rogerz

  9. 14

    what i find bizarre is that I’ve seen almost every single one of these, many multiple times (repo man, LOTR, Amelie, crouching tiger)

    I watched staight story and I’m from Iowa so way too many flashacks. I actually saw it when I was in dijon, which was wierd, to sit in a room with folks who probably aren’t even clear where Iowa is…

    Saw zoolander yesterday and it was gloriously stupid. unapolgetically stupid. Andi stopped working on her portfolio breifly to watch part with me, and we had fun predicting the plot turns, which were reliably cliched (yay!). Scooby doo was the same.

    I also saw kate and leopold with was also completely predicatable and not where near as bad as expected.. in fact, kinda charming. I’ve been consciously seeking out the stupid films so I can nap as needed.

    So far I’ve watched roughly 20 films since I hurt my back.

  10. 15
    Liz Lawley

    Ah, well, if you’re looking for stupid-but-fun movies, I highly recommend The Scorpion King. How can you *not* love a movie that has the line “I’ve come for the woman…and your head.”

    There’s an enjoyable review of TSK at But trust me, it’s great fun.

  11. 18

    “Dr. Strangelove, or how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb”

    great comedy by Kubrick starring Peter Sellers in 4 different roles… “gentlemen, behave, this is a war room”

    take care

  12. 20

    i watch princess bride over and over everytime I have the flu– i read it whenever i’m sad. the book is every bit as good as the film.

    my back has still got me flat on the floor. I’m no longer on the weird pain killers, and just down to prescription aleve and cold packs. the cold packs are actaully more efective if anyone gets in the same boat. heat is bad at first… it actaully increases inflamation.

    anyhow slowly on the mend..

  13. 22

    Ok, I’ll add one to the movie list — mentioning Dr. Strangelove made me think of “The Mouse That Roared”. If you haven’t seen it, and you like Peter Sellers…well, even if you don’t…it’s really fun.

  14. 23
    Jared Spool

    Here’s a good double header: GalaxyQuest followed by the documentary Trekkies.

    The Princess & The Warrior is not as good as Run Lola Run.

    Monsoon Wedding is a beautiful film, but I’m not sure it’s out on DVD yet.

    I love film.

  15. 24

    Monsoon wedding is wonderful. It’s available at Amazon. Curiously, there are strange similarities between this movie and the one I mentioned before.

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