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    Tom Hefko

    Excuse me, I don’t get it. The article “How do people prototype?” seems to indicate that most people use dreamweaver or Homesite or some other HTML tool. And they are by far the most happy with their tools. Next happiest come those who use a power-point-like app. So how did you get to Visio from there? Seemed visio was used by many, but they weren’t very satisfied.

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    forgive my inadvertant tone, I thought you’d tell me why Visio is worthwhile learning regardless the results of the ‘survey.’ Have you tried it yet?

    enjoying yourr site!

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    me? I hate visio, but I know a lot of people who use it and like it. I just point to the GUUUI article, respecting those who do enjoy using it.

    I would have liked visio except it crashed my machine all the time. It’s got a lot of power and it’s much faster for prototyping because of the reusable widgets and the power of links than many other choices. With dreamweaver and homesite, you start to get caught up in placement and rendering problems which can waste time, while visio– like in design or illustrator– lets you just draw without worrying aobut the work begin re-interpreted by the browser.

    Personally when I prototype I use paper and pencil. Or I image map gifs in homesite. But I could try out the techniques in the articles.

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    I think it’s less backpedalling than vacillating… I point to articles that I think people will find interesting… I know lots of folks use visio (think of Kim, Mike)…and it’s a major IA tool. personally I can’t recommend it because I gave it up a couple years ago when it kept crashing my computer. But it might be more stable now, and I do remember it had a lot of good features that I still miss. So I’m on the fence, honestly, about visio.

    I would try it out again, but I’ve gotten used to InDesign for my work. I suppose I probably won’t try to use Visio until I’m forced by circumstance, and maybe at that time I’ll wonder why I never used if before. or maybe I’ll curse under my breath the whole time. But until then I’ll point to articles for those folks who may still be trying to decide what tool to use.

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