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from Boxes and Arrows: Building the Beast: Talking with Peter Morville “B&A: So why a second edition? Morville: […]

from Boxes and Arrows: Building the Beast: Talking with Peter Morville

B&A: So why a second edition?

Morville: Last April, after the agonizing process of closing Argus, I managed to escape into the wilderness of Yosemite National Park for a few days. I liked the romantic notion of figuring out what to do with the rest of my life while hiking alone in the Sierra Nevada mountains. So, armed with a bottle of water and some beef jerky, I headed for the snowy peaks in search of transcendental moments and healing visions.

When we wrote the first edition, we had relatively little experience. Most of our massive IA projects at Argus came afterwards.
Now, I’d like to tell you that when I arrived at the summit, a disembodied voice thundered “Thou Shalt Write the Second Edition” or that while walking through the valley, I glimpsed a polar bear flitting gracefully through the forest, but those things didn’t actually happen.

However, I did come down from the mountain with a strong desire to write the second edition and a whole bunch of brilliant entrepreneurial ideas. I wrote them all down on a couple of airplane barf bags on the trip home. I’ve still got them. Really.”

Very funny. Also don’t miss Lou’s interview from last week. It’s a pleasure to compare their voices which blend so seemlessly in the book.


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    george girton

    i’m not a believer until i see digital photos of the actual barf bags with the notes. I like the idea a lot, it’s relentlessly communicative and stylish at the same time. But maybe i only think that because i always carry a barf bag with me at all times. I can tell you it has saved my bacon more than once… oops, block that metaphor!


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