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It occurs to me that people coming here via search are not happy when they arrive. Some search […]

It occurs to me that people coming here via search are not happy when they arrive. Some search terms:

4: hack
3: browser statistics
2: penny for your thoughts myhrvold
2: website statistics sites
2: simscity
2: information about architecture geeks
2: whee squirrel
2: hack sim card
1: postnuke hack
1: anchient greece pictures
1: information and pictures on household gadgets in the early days
1: yahoo articles
1: concept architecture information product design
1: internet wide browser statistics
1: website modeling
1: browser statistics web
1: user centered design
1: books hack
1: visual design list
1: definition of personification

I want to meet myhrvold.

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    Whatever they’re coming here looking for, they find lots of usefull and very interesting stuff.

    More important thing with search engines is do people searching for your site find you? If that’s ok, I think you shouldn’t worry, since you are not intentionally misguiding them.

    And, hey, “elegant hack” is a very cool metaphor :]

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    Jared Spool

    Are these keywords from referrals to you? Or are these things people are typing into your site’s search engine?

    Myhrvold is a very cool guy. I heard him speak once on the topic of what happens when you try to merge large, complex systems together (companies, software products). The talk had a forgettable official name, but, after a quick introduction to the topic, he announced what he was going to talk about was “How Dinosaurs F*cked” (without the asterisk).

    Apparently, he has an advanced degree in archeology and had given this great thought. If you’re a 200-ton, 4-story high animal, how do you mate with another 200-ton, 4-story high animal? Then answer: *very carefully*. He spent most of the presentation going over current theories and why none of them really work. Then he compared this to why it’s so hard to merge complex systems. It was very funny and very cool.

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