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    Section 508 largely applies to Government sites. I don’t think this judges verdict will stand too long. If government sites have the same type of suit they will not have a door to exit. Accessibility is a rather low hurdle to cross these days. The best method is to structure the information well and separate content from presentation, which allows for a textual alternative that will work. Those that have structured their information properly and have separated content from presentation have the ability to create a PDF if required (not the best option for an only source of information dispersal with or without accessability problems), HTML, Flash, etc. Having HTML that validates and has accessibility measures inplace not only allows the disabled use the information, but also allows PDAs and cell phone browsers to act as a conduit for the information. If the information is worth consuming it takes a little bit of thought and less work than the fighting against the push toward accessiblity to have the information ready for the future.

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