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OPENING THANG Hey kiddos– Still in France, and will be until June 6th, after which expect the usual […]


Hey kiddos– Still in France, and will be until June 6th, after which expect the usual 4 a.m. postings to EH and Gleanings, as jetlag sets in. I’m ensconced deep in French farmcountry, as Noel said earlier, and don’t have much connectivity to speak of, which is pleasent and weird both. I simply hike up to the main house to download my mail. It’s proving to be a productive time, and though I miss my meanders online I’ve replaced them with meanders into the local village.

I just wanted to send a petite bonjour to the readers, and thank the guest gleaners– they’ve done a terific job! I really enjoy the world through other’s eyes and voices. Speaking of voices, Noel’s writing up a storm on the Carbon Log; be sure to swing by.

and gleanings is completely built from email, so no guarentees on the

quality of my linkage…


Peter Metholtz has written a long “thoughtwander” on the futility of new

interfaces and the map as interface. It’s chock full of tasty links that I only wish I could follow…

Which reminds me to say again if you are an IA, you need to get “Mapping

Websites: Digital Media Design” by Paul Kahn and Krzysztof Lenk. It offers many ways to create “website planning documents” as they call them, and well as some interesting insights

intot he relationship of realworld maps to web maps. I don’t have the link available (working offline), but I’ve got it on my blog

which inspired Paul to post this yummy link to a course on maps!

>From the SIGIA list

Navigation resources


Talking to Computers (Scientific America) — “Any notion that we can

replace keyboards with pen-based computing is wildly misguided. The

fastest you can go with a pen is about a third the speed that you can

type. It’s a single channel output compared to multiple channel outputs

when you type, and that’s the same limitation you have with voice as well.

Those technologies just have a basic fundamental human limitation that

usually gets overlooked.” via



As a travel junkie and a web junkie, I can’t help but be intrigued by


Groups Seek To Block Orbitz Launch

Analysts: Orbitz (Kind of) Rocks,,4_772531,00.html

NUA’s take on the recent hoaxes

“In the past two weeks, two deaths have shocked parts of the Internet

community. The deaths, both of young women who had a host of online

friends, became all the more shocking when it was discovered in both

cases that neither of the women had ever actually existed in the

‘real’ world.

Cahners In-Stat Group: Web appliances to be hugely popular (via

“Consumer demand for Internet-enabled appliances is set to grow by a

compound rate of 101 percent annually until 2005, according to Cahners


The Industry Standard: European firms remain optimistic (via

“A new survey of senior company executives in Europe has found that

93 percent of large European companies intend to maintain or

increase their IT spending in the next year. Sixty percent of those

polled said they were confident about the medium term future of the

European economy.”

How Amazon Is Beating the Costs of Shipping

“The e-retailing giant has quietly established its Worldwide Digital

Group, which offers music, e-book and software downloads.”,1902,26715,00.html?nl=dnt



“Interior Desecrators shows the horrors of 1970s interior decorating. One of

the more entertaining sites I’ve seen recently. ”

Who’s got real problems, and who’s just pissing and moaning?

The Stress Test

cool FAQ’s


“funny new use for the palm”,,40964,.html

“A Date Which Will Live in Falsity”

How on earth will Disney market “Pearl Harbor” to Japan’s moviegoers?

With a poster like this one:

this type of humor is always much funnier when I’m abroad…

“The Foreigner’s Guide to America: Chapter Two”

and if you missed the first…

Finally thanks Lane, for making me a trusted friend!

Has anyone writen up ettiquette to deal with Amazon’s friends and family

circles yet? Do I write a thank you note, or simply send flowers?

originally sent 6/4/01