I returned from France to hear about the (excuse me) ridiculous tale of Kaycee. The real victim though […]

I returned from France to hear about the (excuse me) ridiculous tale of Kaycee. The real victim though is Henry, whose existence was apparently thrown into doubt!


Believe me, I’ve had my eardrums shattered by an excited caterwaul, and I’ve heard him list off 50 pokeman while eating an equal number of tortilla chips… he’s real. Daddy Mike was driven to put up references for Henry which are also utterly true.


Henry’s always entertaining and 100% real diary



While cleaning out old memos from my palm, I found this lovely and useless Belgium “bande desinee” site.



Despite the lack of site, the FC newsletter suggests that this is a fine multi-city party announcement list.

www.bernardoslist.com No personal recommendation one way or the other.


game whose name says it all



my sister sends me the sequel to the bigcat story

“Fat Cat

You probably have received a picture of a man in a den or living room holding what appears to be the largest house cat ever known to exist on the planet. The picture is very impressive, and the man holding the cat looks very proud. The man, according to the email, is Roger Degagne who lives on the shores of the Ottawa River. According to the story, the cat is the product of two cats named Lost and Found who was discovered near an “abandoned” power plant called AECL (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited) 15 years prior to the photograph. The cat pictured in the photograph is supposedly 89 pounds and 69 inches long.

According to AECL (they are still in business, by the way) they have no record of a Roger Degagne ever working for them at any time, nor do they remember ever having two cats at the property. As far as the picture, it seems odd that such a heavy cat can be so easily lifted by a man who obviously is somewhat out of shape. According to the Guinness records (www.guinnessworldrecords.com), the largest cat is Snobie and weighs a whopping 98 pounds, but is just over 40 inches long.

The picture is probably some kind of farce (fake cat, overlaid images, etc.) and has actually been circulating on the Internet since about 2000 and it has only been recently that a story has accompanied the big kitty.

– Michael Vincent ”

From Emazing.com



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    Mr. Know It All

    I almost forgot. Snowbie is not listed as LARGEST cat, only the LONGEST. SLight difference there cosmo…

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