I’d like to be a better visual designer. Assume I’m ~ new. Can you recommend an overall approach or strategy?

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I went a little crazy in this tweetstorm, because I believe all people who make things for humans must commit to at least a basic grounding in graphic design. Consider this a tiny, part-time 8 week course in graphic design for people who don’t plan to do it, or do have to do it and want to become a bit more respectable at it.
Just like so many things, if you want great graphic/visual design, you should hire someone who has committed their life to it.

The Non-Designer’s Design Book (4th Edition)






from Dave Gray's Visual Thinking School
from Dave Gray’s Visual Thinking School


From Follow the Yellow Brick Road
From Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This was a favorite when I was first getting into visual design
Tolleson Design’s download Soak Wash Rinse Spin