From: Gleanings To: Trusting Fools

From: Gleanings To: Trusting Fools Subject: Gleanings: lies lies lies OPENING THANG Got my canon s100 digital elph […]

From: Gleanings
To: Trusting Fools
Subject: Gleanings: lies lies lies


Got my canon s100 digital elph today. I had originally gone to and researched a ton of the stores. I chose one that had a high service rating and a low price– Ten days later, no camera having arrived, I called them up.
They explained that they didn’t have it in stock, but if I wanted to upgrade to a combo pack including an ac adapter, they could ship it to me. It would still take about 7-10 days, unless, of course, I wanted to pay for overnight shipping. I went to the website as the sales man made his spiel. The elph was labeled “available” not out of stock, or available in 2-5 days. I told the sales man that. He then explained to me their stocking system involving a serious of primary and secondary warehouse each with their own set of rules about what can be shipped. I said:
“I don’t care”
I said
“If your website says you have it, and you don’t have it, you are lying to me.”
I said
“If I call and you say you don’t have what I want, but I can spend more to get something else, I call that bait-and-switch. I call that fraud.”
I said
“Cancel my order.”
Then I went to, and ordered the elph, spending about a hundred bucks more. However there was no cost for overnight shipping and no tax… I ordered at four p.m. and the airexpress guy came at ten a.m. the next morning.

Who do you think I love? Where do you think I’ll shop next time?

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