From: Gleanings To: Busy Little

From: Gleanings To: Busy Little Typists Subject: Gleanings: I get mail, lots of mail OPENING THANG **Vincent O’Keeffe […]

From: Gleanings
To: Busy Little Typists
Subject: Gleanings: I get mail, lots of mail


**Vincent O’Keeffe writes to tell me Nua has gone under.

For years now I have gotten their weekly internet survey newsletters. Though their data I watched France move from Minitel to the web, Britain transformed by freeServe, saw new countries join the web, trends come and go– they gave me a window into the world beyond the USA’s navel-gazing internet culture. I’m saddened.

**Adam wrote up an interesting look at the spread of a meme, and the attempt to co-opt it by advertising. Check it out.
All your meme are belong to us


**Kirk writes: Cool New Digital Color Wheel Software
“ColorTheory enables designers to quickly analyze hundreds of color schemes while working with
existing logos and artwork.”
Demo and instructional videos:

Wacky new way to input text on wireless


**George points out
“Usability is the next challenge for the net”
The New Zealand Herald

This article made me giggle– this wacky usability thing is the latest rage!


**The Sound and Fury Persists
The RIAA accuses Napster of using the most porous filter possible. The song-swap service says record companies are partly to blame. The whole mess goes back to court April 10.,1151,23166,00.html

**Salon: Who is spying on your downloads?
“The newest tactic is surveillance. Increasingly, the recording industry is watching individual users on any given peer-to-peer network, using programs like Copyright Agent and Media Tracker to discern who is downloading what and when.”

**Mike K. points out: A Bright Future for Displays
“Organic light-emitting diodes are gearing up to challenge LCDs, with supersharp screens that bring video to your cell phone. And that’s just the beginning. ”

**Consumers in U.S. Regain Confidence
“American consumers shook off their winter malaise this month, a private report indicated on Tuesday, lending support to a stock market that had been gripped with fears of an impending recession.”


Tom points at: “This is what happens when Kai power tools falls into the wrong hands. Check out the interfaces collection.”

Crab Cakes with Avocado Salad, Bon Appetit

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