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From: Gleanings To: t-shirt clad readers Subject: Gleanings: those who can’t do, complain OPENING THANG In a a […]

From: Gleanings
To: t-shirt clad readers
Subject: Gleanings: those who can’t do, complain


In a a particularly apropos move, the dude who started up “Greenhouse for Startups” sold it and started a newsletters of complaints– the first one includes stories of both investor betrayal and worthless stocks. He sent the first one to all the subscribers of “Greenhouse for Startups” — perhaps thinking he’d find an empathic audience?



Information Architecture – A New Opportunity

Give that content expert a lap dance, for God’s sake.

Experience Design is an emerging paradigm, a call for inclusion: it calls for an integrative practice of design that can benefit all designers, including those who work in the new, interactive media.


Q&A: Jeffrey Veen, Part II
It seems you hear about new Web design theories on an almost-daily basis.
But when ideas like this come from the same person who determined the look and feel of such groundbreaking sites as and the HotBot search engine, you tend to listen. We have Part 2 of an interview with Jeffrey Veen.

Design, Colors, and Branding
Black text on a white background is easy to read, and yellow text on a black background is hard to read. But how could your site’s color scheme actually communicate something about its content?


Internet World: Testing Tips and Notes on Task Time.
Jakob Nielsen. One of the most important usability metrics is time on task.
After all, the entire reason to have interactive systems is to support users in the performance of some task — to help users get something done.

Using Real People for Web Site Testing, Part I
If you’re serious, and we mean really serious, about the user experience of your Web site, you should probably conduct usability testing. The people taking the test, though, shouldn’t be your designers and other people within
the company. We have Part 1 of a 2-part series on putting your site to the
test using “real people.”


Internet World: Talking to the Web.
The voice-enabled Web appears to be the latest craze to grab hold of the industry’s imagination. If you believe what you hear, all you will need to surf the Web in the coming years is a telephone, a thirst for information, and the sound of your own voice.

TechWeb: Anthropologists Look For Missing Link In Wireless.
A team of anthropologists conducted 180 interviews in six countries for a new report on wireless usage from Context-Based Research Group. The study concluded that wireless adoption could benefit from more user education and an emphasis on social utility.


Last night, idle and tired of IA (but not of the web– of never tired of the web, my baby) I decided to build a cafe press store. At some point I’ll tell the story of that, but for now take a look at my stuff!