From: Gleanings To: map fans

From: Gleanings To: map fans Subject: Gleanings: crunching numbers and navigating the net OPENING THANG This article caught […]

From: Gleanings
To: map fans
Subject: Gleanings: crunching numbers and navigating the net


This article caught my eye
News.Com: XML co-creator maps the Web in 3D.
Rather than using conventional search engine technology to navigate the Web, creates a landscape that spatially represents relationships
between data. The resulting map allows surfers to traverse the network
visually from the point of view of a low-flying airplane…

which led me to this site.

I’m a little disappointed. It’s slow of course, but it’s just a hierarchy tree done with colored boxes. I’m still waiting for a real innovation. Thinkmap (and its brother, the brain) is a potential innovation
but it’s too hard to use to navigate comfortable, though its a fun toy… maybe humans just like navigation trees.


find out how a website would look to someone who is colorblind


Forbes: The Bite of the ASP.
John C. Dvorak. Despite the market downturn and the general pullback from
crazy dot-com schemes, people have failed to notice the danger that lurks
beneath the trendy concept of the ASP, or application service provider. By
danger I mean loss of data due to bankruptcy or shutdown.

Boston Globe: Bugged by Wal-Mart’s Web site.
The site closed down for most of last month, and has just become active again
for online shopping. Could this be the world’s worst Web site? Of course, with
a reported $100 million being poured into the relaunch, this could be the
world’s best Web site. Inquiring minds want to know.

Forbes: Control Geeks.
Last month Lim and wife, Amy, both 32, released Bannerama, free software that
wipes out banner ads on Web sites and replaces them with content of the user’s
choosing – tidbits on foreign languages and trivia and, eventually, wine,
cooking and golf.

***more fine tidbits at***

new NUA survey newsletter out.

EDITORIAL: ‘Jingle Bells: Service sells’
It’s still a good six weeks to Christmas but the purveyors of surveys
and studies are feasting already. In the past week, we’ve seen a
rash of survey reports and analysts’ predictions on the online
Christmas shopping season.

AdRelevance: Full banner ads losing ground

eMarketer: AOL UK puts the heat on Freeserve
AOL announced this week that its UK subscriptions have topped the
one-million mark. oldc.html?ref=dn

Business 2.0: The Web goes underwater
The US Navy is making waves with its attempts to connect to the Web
from beneath the sea. (this article is cooler than it sounds)

NetValue: Spanish web users stay online for longer
Spanish Internet users are the most active in Europe, according to
the latest figures from NetValue.

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