Bitter? Not me…

So, I go to because I want to grab an article in which I was quoted to […]

So, I go to because I want to grab an article in which I was quoted to put in my links collection. This site is a nightmare. If you do want to read what I said you can search for and click on the article, “What Do Women Really Want?” by Kathleen Hildenbrand.

Well, that’s how I managed to find it.

The site uses layers, and is buggy in that special way only client-side code can be. Not only can I not bookmark the article, nor link to it, when I search for wodtke, then, it keeps giving me the search results for wodtke. I have to close the browser and reopen it to get it to let me search for
Also, if you don’t have a big enough browser window, then tough luck. There is no scrolling in these small layers, and so I couldn’t hit the search button without stretching my browser window bigger… I hesitate to think what happens to someone who has only a 640×480 resolution- I surf at 1024. When reading an article, I can’t use the scroller on my mouse. I have to hover over the little carrot to have it scroll. Which is does until it hits (what I think are) the last couple sentences, then it stops scrolling. I never do read the last two or three sentences on a page.

But the topper is the fact that their lead design story is on the value of usability testing… perhaps they might practice as they preach?