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Reading urlgreyhot : Is Movable Type scalable? and then speeding up movabletype I wonder if I’ll have to […]

Reading urlgreyhot : Is Movable Type scalable? and then speeding up movabletype I wonder if I’ll have to consider migrating to something like drupal. MT is my third blog tool. I started on blogger, migrated to greymatter for feature (and stability) reasons, and then ended up on MT when greymatter stopped being updated. I’ve been pretty happy with MT until recently as my rebuilds grew longer and longer and died more often. jay helped me make them never die (as well as creating the wonderful mtblacklist) but i wonder– the poor classification, the slowing rebuilds. Maybe it’s time to move ship again.

I have mixed feelings. MT is the tool I have a personal stake in, as I helped with an early version of it by providing user testing as well as beta testing. So I feel it is *my* tool to a degree.

Also, I love the Mt community, especially Brad Choate and Jay Allen, whose constant hacking has taken the tool so far beyond the clever vision of its creators.

On the other hand, it’s just a program. And when your tool no longer meets your needs, you get a new tool.

MT is like my old fiat, which I loved even though it was steadily apparent it was no longer the right vehicle for me.


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    Yes the bloated archiving created by MT’s need to render a hard-coded copy of each page is a drain on servers world wide. While I praise the developers for such a great application, this is it’s archilles heel.

    That is why I switched to B2 then onto WordPress.

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    Jay Allen

    Hey Christina, just found this thread. Thanks for the kudos, you are too kind.

    As far as moving, I wouldnt. Dont forget that MT isnt static and finished. It is constantly being upgraded and improved, both by sixapart and others. In that regard, things can only get better. Dont be tempted by the color of the grass on the other side…

    Its a relative baby when it comes to software. Imagine if someone had given up on Microsoft before Windows 3.1.

    Errr, okay, maybe thats a bad example…

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    I now spend time each day adding new spammers to my blacklist– I can’t imagine how bad it would be without the balcklist, but it’s getting to be too much. MT needs a spamproof commenting system– perhaps registration. The rebuilds aren’t going to drive me to drupal, the spam is…

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