2013: The Top Posts

2013 was the year I started writing again, and I have no regrets, except why did I ever stop?  Nearly all of the top posts of the year were written this year, and the most popular (by an order of magnitude) written in a fit of pique in September (when I wrote 500 words a day, and sometimes more) and got

  1. Users don’t hate change. They hate you.
  2. A Syllabus for User Experience
  3. Getting the V right
  4. A Simplified Model for User Experience Design
  5. What the Agency Doesn’t Know
  6. A Booklist to Help You Become Great at User Experience Design
  7. A Letter to the Newly Minted Designer
  8. The Most Important Interview Question
  9. Career Choices
  10. UXKitteh

As well, on Medium, a couple of personal essays were popular

It’s been a good year.