The Mechanics of Magic

Filmed this time last year, at UXLX. Be sure to watch the other great talks, esp one of my favorites, History of the Button.

Performance Reviews & OKRs

One of the most common questions I get about OKRs is “How can I use these for performance reviews?” or if the person has done their homework, “Why can’t I use these for performance reviews?” Why can’t you? One word….

The Shape of Story

“Perhaps because polish is so visible, many people erroneously believe it to be the most important part of writing. But polish is merely the plaster on the walls of structure. The proof is in the window of the bookstore down…

Story Basics

I did a quick video of my thinking on story structure for some friends on twitter, because let’s be honest, explaining anything with 140 characters is a nightmare.

How to Choose

I’m overwhelmed. You are probably overwhelmed also. The last week, it’s been my inbox. I’ve got so many requests. Coffee and advice. A conference to speak at. An article to write. A meeting to take. Yes, these are quality problems,…

The Sunday Report

Because I’m teaching Story and about do do a unit on Interactive Fiction, this is the bulk of my research this week. “Your Brain On Story features futurist Jason Silva on why and how people are hardwired for stories and…

Sunday Report. Status: Giddy

Reminder: if you love these blog posts, buy my essay collection. Keep me writing! “I look into Christina Wodtke’s classroom as she’s teaching the Designer as Founder course and she’s just always excited in there,” Simsarian says. “She’s giddy and…