Writing Elsewhere on Other Things

I’ve been doing more personal writing lately, and trying out Medium. Some recent essays:

You Are Bigger than Me
What we talk about when we talk about rape

we who fight hard for a right to compete with men in tech or cooking or writing comics or any of the many many careers that have been randomly defined as “for boys” know we are your equals in so many ways but one.

You are bigger than us.

The Joy Protocol
10 Uncommandments for Happy Living

“Optimize for joy” was the advice my friend gave me when I decided to leave the job that almost killed me.

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.

The light in September is extraordinary; it is like moving from a room lit by incandescent bulbs to one lit by candles. The mass of green trees are flecked with red and orange, and skies are taken over by Dutch Old Masters. And it was always the time of year I hated most.

Question: should I put them all here on eleganthack in their entirety, or keep the more personal work at Nothing-new, as I have historically (I’m considering using Medium as a distribution tool, not a primary publishing platform).