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    I took his class last year in Houston and it was phenomenal. I definitely learned something above and beyond what I’ve learned from the books (which I received with my registration and have been reading).

    I actually finished ‘Envisioning Information’ last night. I appreciated his analysis more in ‘Visual Display…’, but i enjoyed the examples more in the second book.

    I think these books should be required reading for all designers. I’d prefer they all digested the first, but I know some designers almost refuse to read, always preferring pictures. That’s a shame. I think the word offers something special and specific that even the most instructive and amazing visuals never can. Of course, good images have the same advantage over words. Priveleging one over the other seems foolish.

    So, yeah. For $320, take your husband. It is easily worth so much more money than he’s charging, and then you get copies of all three books and the greatest information graphic ever created, Minard’s map of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. I have it on my cubicle wall right now: my daily inspiration.

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