The Sunday Report

Because I’m teaching Story and about do do a unit on Interactive Fiction, this is the bulk of my research this week.

Your Brain On Story features futurist Jason Silva on why and how people are hardwired for stories and cinema. Also, actor Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) and Terence Winter (“The Sopranos,” “Boardwalk Empire”) discuss the connection between horror and humor and what makes a great screen villain.”

Wonderful talk on the science of why story affects us so powerfully

From GDC’s Vault (but open to public)

Adventures in Text: Innovating in Interactive Fiction, Jon Ingold, inkle. (Slideshow,recorded talk.) It’s a wide ranging talk, and fascinating for anyone who enjoys interactive fiction, or wants to make it.

Leading Players Astray: 80 Days and Unexpected Stories, Meg Jayanth, Freelance/inkle. (Slideshow, recorded talk.) An entertaining and watchable presentation about the tension between 80 Days’ boardgame mechanics and the story and the way the game tempts players into embracing bad strategy decisions.


Great talk on why personal stories are critical when sharing facts



What is Twine is not only a good introduction to the platform, but also on Interactive Fiction.

Curious about IF? Check out
The joy of text – the fall and rise of interactive fiction (with great examples to try out)

Check out Future Voices


Article on the power of small games
It reminds me of Hemmingway’s famous six word story
“For sale: baby shoes, never worn”

Also, Games

SUPER fantastic article on formal elements of games Well researched, illustrated with videos.

Playing with “game” – Semantics play and heady stuff indeed.  A Theory of Fun Ten Years Later has dreadful sound, but it’s worth it.

How the freedom of play allows for learning