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I’m not much of a one for sad stories and we hear a lot on the web, but […]

I’m not much of a one for sad stories and we hear a lot on the web, but this one hit me. Meet Thomas.

I also swore I wouldn’t get political on this blog again, but sometimes I just feel that the health care in this country is criminal.

I guess I just think that yes, we should help this wonderful kid, but what about the other kids who we don’t hear of, we don’t even ever know of, and their parents who will ruin themselves financially to do the right thing, the thing that we as a society have failed to do: take care of our weak and sick and young.

So go ahead, tell me it’s not your problem, that it’s nature and survival of the fittest and the price of freedom and many of the other arguments I’ve heard on the radio when people debate universal health care. But someday it will be your kid, or your spouse or your mother or father and you’ll be selling your precious material goods and going into debt for the rest of your life because love has no price; you just do it.

Go ahead, call me a damn commie, if that means I think people should be forced to take care of their own when they don’t have the moral fiber to do it themselves, I’ll take that label.

Anyhow, for now we’re all we’ve got. Go buy a print.


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    The root problem here is not moral fiber; It is the fact that the american government thinks that it is more important to spend money on bombing mud huts in Afghanistan and giving Israel money so that it can finance it’s genocide on palestinians than to provide its own citicens with basic needs.

    But trying to see the big picture of course makes me feel like shit for not thinking about the kid. 🙁 Thinking about the kid makes me feel like shit for not caring about the big picture. And thinking about the fact that nothing will help even if I _did_ devote my life to one of these causes ofcourse makes me feel even worse.

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    Sorry to be human on my own journal.

    As for feeling bad and being helpless, you can actually make a change. You can donate money, you can go to the local caucus … it takes a long time and it’s slow but change can happen.

    and what is the deal with these cowardly anonymous posts? i don’t carry a gun. Since I do have a bad cold, I might cough on you, but that’s as bad as it’ll get.

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    Here in the UK, we are forever slating “the state of the National Health Service” with its overcrowded hospitals, waiting lists and underpaid nurses. But it’s when we hear stories like Thomas’s that things should come into focus.

    The idea that a child may not get treatment for cancer because his medical insurance won’t cover it, seems to us ridiculous and inhumane. Note to my fellow Brits: don’t take the NHS for granted – stand behind it – pay the extra 1% tax – the warning signs are there…

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    reagan roy

    Health is a relative social problem.There are people who cry at headaches and some who laugh at.
    Health is a never ending social and mental problem which runs for at ages for men at caves to the concretes.If the people at olden times died of plaquaes and T.B`s now they die of AIDS and cancers.The pain people could bear is decreasing by ages.If prehistoric man could do heavy work for 12hrs now he is doing for 8hrs.The capability of man and his enthusiasm of doing things have gone down for ages.Even though we cannot balme on the mans behavior for this whole change ,we have to work to make all peoples life better .Better and better makes the best.

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