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    well, from a professional point of view, I would also have to mention that Dreamweaver will simulate connection speed for you. In the lower left corner of the page’s window it will tell you DL speeds (approximated of course.) If you read some documentation then you can actually find out how to view a simulated streaming environment. Additionally, if you want to test a flash movie there is the bandwidth profiler in the Flash testing environment, which is integrated into Flash. You can see it streaming, you can see which frames take up the most bandwidth, you can even see (visually in graph form) at which frames your movie will snag given a certain bandwidth. This testing environment can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + Enter (windoze).

    Personally, I find it a bit bulky to edit my registry when I can just have a friend of my test the page for useability. This kills two birds with one stone. And besides, DL time is a useability issue anyways. Quite frankly, if my impatient friend (or patient depending on the way you look at it) doesn’t complain about dl time then I dont think that I have a problem here.

    There really isn’t a need to overanalyze stuff. Either it feels right or it doesn’t. If it feels too heavy for small pipes.. then it probably is.

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