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    That is so cool. I love the culturally-specific icons, like the fact that women are depicted wearing saris, and the creation of icons for rickshaws. It’s a nice reminder of the need to keep cultural differences in mind when creating such designs when your system addresses a worldwide audience.

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    Now, I know that I was responsible for pointing out this link to John at Webword.com 😉

    Iz ok. 😀

    Yeah Ralph, saris would make a lot more cultural sense to us Indians than, say, a suit.

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    I havent’ visited Webword for awhile– or many other sites I’m sad to say. Though I went there after you said this, but didn’t see what you are referring to. I posted it because Andi told me to look. It’s possible she found it on webword. Or maybe somebody else sent it to her, and she sent it to me, and…. round and round we go. it’s a very incestous group we are part of, i fear. I tink there are only about two thousand of us who all swarm about within the same set of sites.

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