I’ve been sick for two weeks. Some folks at work have been sick a month and more. I […]

I’ve been sick for two weeks. Some folks at work have been sick a month and more. I haven’t slept properly in three nights, from coughing horribly. the nyquel has stopped working, the grog is upsetting my stomach, and I go to sleep so propped up I get a neckache.

I have a doctor’s appointment friday… please, someone do you have a herbal or over the counter remedy to get me to that appointment? I ready to pay someone to come over and hit me in the head with a hammer…


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    Ick, sorry to hear it. Something pretty bad swept through Ann Arbor last month, knocking MJ and me down for a couple weeks.

    Best advice I can provide is completely counter-intuitive. When you have a dragging cold, do some intensive excercise that gets you sweating for at least 20-30 minutes. Could be jogging, racquetball, love-making session that goes a little beyond wham-bam…

    The bug will either get burned up in the metabolistic scrum going on in your innards, or you’ll push yourself over the brink and get real sick and then finally get better. It’ll tip the balance one way or the other.

    –Dr. Rosenfeld

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    You have influenza-STAY IN BED AND DRINKS TONS OF FLUID-this is the only treatment apart from 500mgms Aspirin T.I.D=three times a day-keep your bowels open with an aperient – senokot should do.
    My telephone no., is Glasgow Scotland xxxxxxxxx!
    I know how you are feeling I am into my 2nd week of it!
    Mine was caused by the injections-anti-flu-and anti-pnemonia!
    Mervyn. Hope you are feeling better.

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    David Locke

    ColdEase at the slightest sniffle.
    Actifed in alergy season all season long, sick or not.
    The hottest chili you can stand with a back burn if you can find it.
    If you can’t talk, see your doctor ASAP.

    Teach your coworkers to stay home when they are sick. Be on their back about everytime they come to work to make everyone else sick.

    Wash your hands often.

    Avoid tangoing with sick and sniffling partners.

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