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    So what’s this got to do with anything? After half a dozen clicks from my RSS-aggregator all I get are some daft pics. And this is supposed to be a Useability site!!


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    Sorry Wally, but you might note the category– apropos of nothing.
    Sometimes it’s about usability, often it’s about information architecture and sometmies it’s frivolous.

    In general, I think I’m gettin tired of usability talk. I’m not quite ready to shut down all together, but I feel a shift going on…

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    Well, whatever you do, DON’T stop blogging! Maybe shut down the whole usability blather (I know how you feel, believe me!), but the stuff you write and link to is a godsend to my days in this silly cubical! I look forward to your travel writings, your musings on driving, your comments that are apropos of nothing.

    It’s something I love.


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    I had an epiphany today. Which sounds much more exciting than it really was…

    It struck me on the train back from London that the BigIssue wasn’t IA / ID / Usability / UXD or any of the things that I’m interested in. The BigIssue is (wait for it) integration.

    Which is precisely the thing that I’m not very interested in. Except in a very academic kind of way.

    I’m wondering if these IA / ID problems that have been occupying everyone’s attention so feverishly are just going to – you know – go away. Over time. As more and more designers broaden their skills – I mean, we have enough evangelists now, don’t we? (And I count you, Ms Wodkte, as one of them. This was one of the first IA sites I read heavily and taught me a quite horrible amount of what I know).

    So I’m having a mid-life-IA-crisis. And am fully expecting to buy myself a big red sports car any day now. One with a big red button right in the centre of the dashboard that says ‘Drive’…

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    Lyle, Lyle - Croc O' Lyle

    Let’s get back on topic here, can we?

    So Christina, you work with “kind fo people,” huh? I met some Y! folks at CHI in Seattle (2001), but they didn’t strike me as that kind of people. Speaking of *fo people*…

    I’ve worked *fo* many different people, but I’ve never worked with *fo people* … definitely not kind fo people, either. I assumed they were all shallow, fake people — you know — faux fo folks….

    [groan now]

    Personally, I think the Snowmen are heading for Minnesota…Damned little frozen terrorists!

    [I’m also avoiding blogging on my own site…”life” is taking precedence – activities like organizing the garage and building a dollhouse with my five year old.]

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    I absolutely loved the snowmen distraction. It was funny and cute. And…hey, it’s YOUR blog – post what you want. It’s not like anyone is paying a subscription fee to come here. You don’t *owe* anyone an “on topic” post.

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