i’m grey everyday.

gray tuesday is a good cool thing to do. I feel myself already there.

gray tuesday is a good cool thing to do. I feel myself already there.

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    I believe that musical sampling without prior consent of the copyright holder should be legally allowed because it does our society more good than harm

    He forgot to add: “Private Property is a theft”!

    “sampling”, namely:
    He sent the album to a few folks and now — blame the Internet — everyone has a copy.

    Well, a _whole_ album is positively an original conception of “sampling”. It is just NOT a sample, that is.

    Instead of locking creativity up, I say set it free and see what happens

    And this especially applies to the creativity of the others! 🙂

    Do you like google or yahoo? Well, just open a socket to a search on it to your own website by php or asp, restyle it, and then print it and feature it as your own without even mentioning the “ugly” “nasty” “profit oriented” “capitalist corporate world”: after all, that’s a “sample” indeed and does our society more good than harm: it spreads information! 🙂

    Down with originality! Down with sharing contents and providing acknowledgements! Down with links! Let’s just “sample” it all.

    I have seen Pamela Anderson’s website and I like all of ther pics, so yummy! Should I use a couple of “samples” and link them? nah, think big! use the whole website! get the whole album of photos! And urge your friends to to the same.

    I have seen a book that I like. Well, I will just copy it all and provide it for free on my own website. Quoting an excerpt to promote it? nah. Writing a review with a few excerpts? nah. let’s copy it all with minor interpolations and let’s sport it on our websites. If then the owner doesn’t get one penny anymore from his book, who cares.

    Honestly, the internet is about sharing. But those who take avail of the principle should also be able to impose themselves self limitations based on mere common sense: that would suffice, and won’t even meddle with concepts like “copyright”.

    You like ElegantHack? Jesus Christ, provide a link, make a couple of quotes, show thet they DO ARE quotes, that it is NOT your OWN original content. That would suffice. I mean, show that you have some respect for the owner of the copyright. We cannot just raid and then even claim we are right. That just cannot go in the same line.

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