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    For all who were at the last IA/UE cocktail hour and saw the large map we (me and Bryce Glass) brought from AOL, the style was developed by the team here, previously Netscape team, after working with people from Dynamic Diagrams. So for skeptics, these type of maps can actually be useful in the real world working environment and not just as cool pics after the fact.

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    Chris Farnum

    I just bought this book – what enticed me to purchase was that it seems to not only contain the bleeding edge 3D sorts of site maps, but also examples of a variety of 2D representations of sites. Seems to include examples of IA deliverable diagrams (i.e. blueprints) as well as completed user interface pages (table of contents, site index, etc). Now I just need to sit down and read it to see if my initial impressions are justified.

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    I love this book. It was on so many people’s recomend lists. I searched it out to get a look before I bought. Now that I have the book I wish I could get my hands on the software that helped generate some to these great visualizations. I am really impressed with the Amazon and Sun maps and diagrams.

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