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the egress. Well I turned in the last new chapter. This put me at 100% draft, and I’m […]

the egress.

Well I turned in the last new chapter. This put me at 100% draft, and I’m also at 50% author review (which is done after the tech reviewers and development editor have told you all the silly things you have done and you get to rewrite it completely).

But 100% draft feels big. Philippe and I went to dinner and a movie to celebrate.


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    Um, it’s rather like that. especially this

    “So what function does a dead trees book publisher serve these days? Nagging. ”

    I still have 4 chapters to go through author review. And I’m horribly horribly tired. You just sit, yet I’m horribly horribly tired.

    There will be a party when i complete. or when it’s on the shelf. something like that. with expensive schotch.

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    What an amazing achievement, Christina. I know how hard it is since I’ve barely started my own. I’ve never been a procrastinator and yet, I feel like I’m behind already. Here’s to a best seller and good tables in Vega$!

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    once its out, just hunt me down at a conference.

    boy, that will be weird. I suppose I should clean up my handwriting. You don’t think anyone will actually want an autorgraph, do you? weird. this book thing is gonna be weird.

  4. 10

    autograph…i’ll probably have you name my first child 🙂

    vegas…please promise me you rest up and not get all riled up with those AIGA folks 😉 go to one of the hotel’s spas and get yourself a massage…or go dancing at the Rum Jungle…and then I can live vicariously through you since that’s pretty much what I do in Vegas… 🙂

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    James B.

    Darn skippy I do. Your weblog got me interested in usability and IA. I’ve yet to attend a conferance but I’m sure to soon.

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