Graphing Social Workshop 2

Rodney Rumford up. “The user perspective” I’m doing a much worse job due to food in my stomach. […]

Rodney Rumford up. “The user perspective” I’m doing a much worse job due to food in my stomach. :\

  • part of top friends success was a full time community manager/customer care person who answered every question, fixed every bug.
  • email notification apparently going away. facebook is throttling back to avoid spamminess
  • minifeed, newsfeed– optimize messaging, optimize images
  • preselected 20
  • find a way to get your ap into the wall “hung on the wall”
  • Get something to measure behavior… need analytics
  • consider setting up a group for your product/service even before the ap’s live. Private or public. Public gives you more ops to promote
    • “all things D” by mosberg does videos
    • videos jump off the page, can be shared, commented. videos get shared more.
    • you can open up photos and videos to membership.
    • understand and use richness of groups, e.g. phototagging
    • example Yahoo Music Videos uses group&ap, fluff freinds
  • Allow users ways to express themselves within the ap, for example in food fight they can chose and even suggest food to be thrown.

Marketing opportunities: using facebook to extend your brand.
Great example: the bob dylan ap.

  • lead generation
  • brand extension
  • commerce – facebook is not good at this yet.
  • customer engagement
  • traffic
  • brand loyalty
  • frictionless WOMA
  • groups
  • applications
  • adverting

8 steps to facebook engagement

  1. start at the end
    • get it live fast so you can learn from users fast
  2. business opportunities and objectives
    • know why you are building it
  3. compelling and engaging application 10K foot
    • measure the users reactions, quant and qual
  4. application strategy 1K foot
    • make sure you engage the way facebook users want
  5. application build
    • make sure it looks like facebook.
  6. nurturing of users
    • core is self expressions and
    • sharing
    • Know your audience and nurture that passion
  7. continual improvement and measurement

updates come tuesday night at midnight
register as a developer so you can access the network, IRC, forums.. its a great community
do not tell anyone when you are working on an ap. when you release it, release only to other developers first.  it’s very very easy to steal aps.
no one will tell you when your ap is approved and gone live, but they will notify you if it’s rejected.
clever hippo is a great ap search tool, better than the bad facebook one.