Graphing Social: Lance from Rock You

I missed the second talk, see for jim’s write up. also, slides: Now, Lance; Rock you are […]

I missed the second talk, see for jim’s write up. also, slides:

Now, Lance; Rock you are the smarted developers on Facebook, there is pretty much no question

first a anatomy of a facebook ap
first to give ap developers access ot social graph and demographics
you get a splash, a spot on the profile and an icon in the ap list

difference between facebook ap and myspace widget? FB is viral and itneractive, myspace is all aobut self expression

  • aps support engagement with friends
  • aps are more viral
  • third party distribution is allowed – on MS you get blocked
  • facebook even allows you to create ad network within

brand distribution on facebook

  • building superwall
  • caplock off
  • 2 million users!
  • all about social graph

150K without graph, 1M with.  radically better platform to build on.
without API horoscope 300K creations. with api, horoscopes 2M in 30 days. 7x more
Adoption is hard.. it’s a short head, and a long tail and their is very little value in the tail.

  • compensate via traditional means
  • showing the Yahoo graph again: music video was flat, then they went to RockYou for distribution, about half the pick up (800K – 2M in a few days) was distribution by Rockyou installed aps, the other was viral tuning (see earlier blog post about Ro)
  • you can all virally tune, but otherwise promotion and integration with major aps requires buy in
  • facebook has the best distribution platform
    • 7x better than myspace
  • distribution is still hard
    • only 1% succeed
  • third party distribution ensures success
    • not possible on myspace


  • amazon’s a3 service great for bandwidth/server issues with facebook, but facebook hosts most so it’s not too bad, mostly database scaling problems.
  • best success is viral tuning, doing things like color of button, label of button (best is continue –>)